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    Whether you play games in your smartphone or not, you could have found out about the widely used MMO game called Clash of Clans. Available for iOS and Android, Clash of Clans is one of the longest running, hottest game for smartphones. Initially released in USA and Canada this year, Clash of Clans is played by millions of active users worldwide. Just how did they become very popular amid a huge number of available games with this saturated market of smartphone apps?

    The true secret on their success is user satisfaction. The sport is completely satisfying to play. And not merely the good ratings it caused by critics during its launch, but it’s the options and features it offered its players.

    The overall game could be took part in both single player and multiplayer mode. And there’s a a key point to get noticable. Unlike other games on the market, the bingo is not dedicated to one part only. It simultaneously supports both single player and multiplayer. You can pick not to play some of the two gameplay modes. This offers users flexibility and selection. Something people always want, regardless if playing a MMO game. For those who have no idea, MMO is the term for Massive Multiplayer Online, which is the sort of game Clash of Clans is.

    You may have heard about Dota 2? It is a worldwide sensation for gamers. It’s so big that all year million dollar tournaments are held, termed as e-sports. But Clash of Clans is restricted in your smartphones only. However it is a massive game. The creators with the game, Supercell, generate huge amount of money in cash just using this game, although it’s a free-to-play game.

    So, should it be a free-to-play game, how can it bring in huge amount of money? The answer then is flexibility. The overall game gives users the flexibleness to learn it totally free, a big a paid option, is not mandatory. If you need to succeed in the game, you should buy in game currency, called ‚gems‘. These ‚gems‘ behave as boosts.

    Another a key point to take into account is simplicity. When you begin playing, you’ll see how simple the interface is. You can actually subscribe to the action. Although almost anything is self-explanatory, you can find tutorials to guide you through. Thus giving players it’s ease of use they should get confident with the action. Once you’re settled in, you actively carry on playing the overall game. That’s fundamentally the formula to earning an addictive game – concentrate on what your consumers need and make things simple. Well, a minimum of, it worked for them and others.

    Issues feels uncanny how large a straightforward mobile app might be, and just how much revenue it might pull in substitution for the developers. Consider other popular apps like Angry Birds and Talking Tom, they provide something fun, easy and easy to use. Much like might know about just have discussed. Every one has something in common, they’ve made a product that’s suitable for the consumers, nothing too complicated.

    And that is how Clash of Clans shines business MMO games available. It’s true, they advertise a good deal, but it’s actually the intuitive gameplay that keeps players returning to it.

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